Where in the USA is the CoCo Locomoto? travel blog

Elvis Chapel

The Stage Coach

The Gallows

The Jail and Sheriff's Office

Wells Fargo the stage stop

The safe

The dentist's office

A covered wagon

The bunkhouse

Sign in front of the undertaker

Watch Western Movies? A step back in time took us to the ApacheLand Movie Ranch at Superstition Mountain north of Apache Junction, AZ. Many, many western movies were filmed using the buildings in the photos. From Elvis Presley in the film "Charro" who got married in the Chapel to "Gunfight at OK Corral" starring Burt Lancaster you could visualize them on the streets and in the old buildings making movies we all can remember. Some other famous movie stars who made movies at the ranch include Steve McQueen, Ronald Reagan, Clint Walker, John Wayne, Linda Evans, Glenn Ford, Kenny Rogers and many others. A stroll through "Boot Hill" found many of the old gunslingers final resting places. Folklore has it that the miner named "The Dutchman" who first discovered gold in the area and died with his stash of gold hidden under his bed took the "secret" of the location of his mine to the grave in 1891 as it has yet to be found.

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