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Sunrise driving to Joshua Tree NP

Dry Reservoir

Normally a reservoir

Barker Dam

Antelope Ground Squirrel

ZebraTail Lizard eating a smaller lizard

All Gone

Joshua Tree

Hundreds of Joshua Trees

Key's View- San Andres Fault

Looking down on Desert Hot Springs




Cholla Cacti

Kangaroo Rat

You will probably think we are mad but we got up 4.30am today so we could go to Joshua Tree NP, it gets so hot later on in the day, this was the only way we could go and see it. Most days here it has been 111 degrees, some days we get some wind but when we don't it is just TOO HOT to be walking about in it. Joshua Tree's only grow 1 inch per year the tallest in the park is about 40ft making it 480 years old. They have lots of spiky limbs, sometimes you see them with no limbs they rely on the Yucca Moth to pollinate the trees. This park was 34 miles from where we are staying. We drove to Key's View where you could look down and see Desert Hot Springs, you could also see The San Andres Fault, read the notice in one of the photo's. When you are in the park you are atop a crack in the Earth's Crust. We then went on to walk the mile to Barker's Dam, built around the 1900 to hold water for cattle and mining use, the dam today forms a small rain fed reservoir used by park wildlife, as you can see it has dried up at the moment. Interesting day where we saw 2 lizards eating smaller lizards, I got stung by a Bee under my arm, never been stung before the pain was horrific and lasted till the next day, at least the bee is dead now.We walked amongst the Jumbo Rocks and climbed onto them as well. Then it was back in the car to drive to the Cholla Cacti Garden. We eventually got home about 2pm. It is still 103 at 9pm. We have a lovely pool here so we cool off in that every day. We are moving on again tomorrow( Tuesday).

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