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the only pic we got of mr bromo and its smoking crater

waiting for sunrise, (yeah right!)

its bloody freezing

the hindu temple and the soggy horse!

oh dear this was never gonna work!!!

Hi guys

Well for a brief update we are are a few pennies down and we saw nothing!!!

I'll elaborate....

We left for the larger island of Java on tues and went by over night bus. And what a bus we must say, fully reclining seats, blanket, pillow, free meal and a few movies! Better that some accomodation we have stayed in!! Anyway we had mixed reports about what time we would arrive in a town called Probolingo, the gateway to our next mountain adventure. Some said 5 or 6 in the morning which was fine, things would be starting to open and travel would be possible to our next destination, but oh no we arrived at about 2.30am, into a deserted town with only one travel agent open!

To cut a long story short, tired and wanting sleep he managed to sell us a very expensive trip 2hrs up the mountain to a small village called cemoro lawang, a hotel and a tour of the volcano. We asked about the weather because in our bible it says that it is pointless going up the volcano for sunrise in the wet season coz the sun arrives with the clouds. The guy assured us all was fine and they had had clear weather for ages! Oh goody, the landscape up there was supposed to be one of the best sights in Java!

But NOT FOR US!!!!!

We dragged our arses out of bed at 3.30am the next morning to find rain and a mist right infront of our face, but we persivered and did the 1.5hr 4x4 drive further up the mountain to the lookout for the sunrise, By the way we are 3000m up at this point and it is about 5'C, freezing, a massive shock to the system we can tell ya!!!

Anyway, the dawn came and we saw more fog!! We could see about 5m infront of us literally, it was awesome! Then the rain came and it poured, so the walk up to the crater rim and the tour of the hindu temple at the base of the volcano was out of the window as well!!!!

The true highlight of our trip up the mountain was feeding the poor soggy horses that were waiting to see if we wanted a horse ride up to the crated rim. We had some biscuits and they loved em!! You could practically see one horse smile!! Good eh!!!

Anyway we high tailed it out of there, on the local minibus that exceeded the central america record for the amount of people it could carry!! We counted 27.5 people (one baby!!) at its hight, including the 2 on the roof!!!

So we arrive back into civilisation, lighter in our pockets and took another overnight bus to Yogyakarta, where we are now. We got a cheap minibus for this journey, and now we know why it was cheaper than the delux buses. It was like a rolla coaster, the driver was a nutter, weaving in and out of oncoming traffic, we had white knuckles for 8 hrs and no sleep!!!

So we are now in yogya, shattered and both still full of the squirtes!!! Life is great!!!! Toilet rolls are our biggest expense at the mo, lol!!!

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