Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

overlooking the excavated town

more of the town

this dog was so cute

me at the site

palm trees


interesting mosaic

cave we found not fully excavated yet

more mosaics

sunken floors

hallway in a house

fountain inside a church

part of a house


At the community shopping center


more frescoes

inside another church

Enterance sign

Dropped my luggage off at the train station and we headed to Ercolano. it was quite cold out. The town is quite amazing when you get down into it and walk through the ruins of these peoples civilization. We saw some really cool stuff but the pictures pretty much describe all of that. Spent a couple of hours there looking at stuff.

Headed back to the train station and I bought my ticket to Rome. Got into Rome in the late afternoon. Found the hostel easily and setlled into my room. Met some other girls and went down to the hostel's free pasta dinner. It wasnt that great but was free. I met 3 aussie girls who were headed to the Vatican the next morning as well so I made arrangements to meet them in the morning.

Another aussie girl, Ingrid and I went for a walk later over to the supermarket to grab some food and water. Hung out watching a movie for a bit before heading to bed early.

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