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Having breakfast with the lovely girl I met in our hostel last...

Waiotapu, geothermal site



Champagne pool

The amazing Huka Falls!



All out for many drinks!


The lads, a tad geeky but hey ho.

One for you Cecilia!

Ah bless them, just good friends apparently!

Oh dear...getting messy now.

Have no photos past this point but Annalisa's going to send me...

Woke up so excited as I knew I'd be doing my skydive today when we reach Taupo - which I've been looking forward to for ages! Not nervous at this stage at all (unlike my bungee) but with this I don't have to make the decision to jump or worry about doing it right, I just let my tandem expert do all the work! So, you can imagine my disappointment when our driver informs us that the weather is going to take a turn for the worse and the skydive company have already said there's no chance of doing it today or tomorrow :-( Also warned that again due to the wretched weather our Tongariro crossing (17km walk over snow capped mountain) the following day is likely to be cancelled too! Grrrrrr....! Gelt quite angry and grumpy - along with loads of others aboard who didn't have time to wait for the weather to improve. So, sat on the bbus grumbling to myself that I could have done a skydive in so many places in the South Island but instead I'd waited for the beautiful ( + cheaper) Taupo option, and now all today would be was a bus journey to Taupo.

Stopped for a 15min break at this geothermal site (which we weren't going to see as it took a good hour) but I was determined to do something with the day so asked the driver if we could stop longer but he said no, so then I asked every other passenger if they wanted to see it, or if they minded waiting, and 5 were up for it, and the other 7 were more than happy to chill out in the cafe, so asked the driver again and he said ok, fine, be quick! Ha! Loved it too, the pics were amazing!

Left in a much brighter mood and thanked those who waited profuself, and next we stopped at the Huka falls, which was honestly one of the best things i've enjoyed here! Generates something like 15% of NZ's total power. Great colours too, just like I want my beach house! They had to drag me away...!

All much happier by this point, so have a gruop bbq and go and get absolutely plastered in Taupo seeing as we no longer had to be up at 6am fresh for a serious day's exercise across the Tongariro. Danced the night away solidly for about 5 hrs, so legs got plenty exercise anyway. One of the guys on our bus (Nile) was taking the mick out of how I apparently flick my hair and tuck it behind my ears each time I get on the bus! Became a bit of a joke all night! Flirted with some amazing dancer guy who looked a million times better from a distance, and our driver Socks, is quite the protective type as he'd stand in the corner giving any guys that came near us girls evils! Annalisa, Sonja and I struggled to find uor way home at 3am, and we couldn't stop laughing at, well everything. Wonderful night, 1st big night out in a while, so what was a disappointing day became one of the best!

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