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Dive bomber!

Another form of dive bombing




This is why dive bombing!




Sleep time!









Road Rail and original Telford bridge




Public Loos Medieval style!

Public Loos

Today we revisited another gem along this coast Conwy. This charming town is surrounded by an old medieval wall and has a dominant castle now in ruined. We love walking town walls as they give you a different perspective on a town so again we did this in Conwy. However we did not expect to get dive bombed by several gulls. We then realised they had young chicks in nests on the wall ramparts.

After lunch sitting in the sun Tony decided he and Daisy would have an after lunch siesta while Heather explored Conwy Castle. In 1283 Edward I of England decided to build a castle (one of many in this part of Wales) on a strategic knoll at the mouth of The Conwy River. With 1500 men working on castle it took just under 5 years to build. Even in its ruin state today it is an impressive castle. The castle fell into disuse in the 15th century and was stripped of all of its iron, wood and lead in 1665 to give the ruin seen today.

Returning to now awake Tony we then walked around the town spotting the 12 medieval latrines in the town walls. They were built near the Mill Gate where the King’s wardrobe worked. The wardrobe was King Edward’s logistic corp. (the modern day civil service), responsible for running the army, paying the craftsmen and ensuring all the castle supplies. The location of these latrines made it easy for them to spend a penny!

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