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Medicane (Rare Mediterranean Hurricane) Over Southern Italy, Sicily And Malta!



There was a terrible storm along the coast as we drove south from Taormina to Catania. Thank goodness we were on the ‘autostrada’ and it was a divided highway between the two cities, because the rain was coming down in buckets and the local drivers were completely unperturbed by the monsoon-like downpour.

I thought that perhaps the rain was especially heavy because we were between the sea and Mt Etna, and the storm was coming from the east. The moisture-laden clouds that were bashing themselves up against the mountain, were being forced up to a higher altitude and dumping their load right on top of us.

This is the same reason that Vancouver, BC gets so much more rain that Victoria, BC. The clouds skitter over Vancouver Island and dump their rain on Vancouver because they are blocked from moving on by the North Shore mountains.

However, what we didn’t know when we were leaving Taormina was that a unique storm was brewing over the Mediterranean, one never seen before. No one at the hotel seemed the least bit concerned, and things grew ever more dangerous as we waited for our flight to Malta that evening. We learned that the flight was being delayed, but apart from the wind and rain we could see lashing the windows of the terminal, we were literally ‘in the dark’.

It was after midnight when we were told that we could proceed to the gate for our flight. It was a rocky ride from Sicily to Malta, but we landed without incident and found a taxi to take us to our hotel. The driver told us that the storm was about to make history, but it wasn’t until we woke up to sunny skies the next morning that we learned that a new name had been coined for the overnight storm – ‘Medicane, Mediterranean Hurricane – the first ever recorded.

Check our this link about Mediterranean storms: Medicane


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