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Poor Ken rests his sore foot

Lunch with Laurie and Steve in our caravan park

Laurie makes friends with the local birds

This is it - the BIG pineapple


Ken the train driver

Isn't he just beautiful



So this is how you grow pineapples


And this is how they start out their life. It will take...

Ken says hi to the lamas

And Sheena does the same with the goats

Cute little barn


The nut mobile


Lots and lots of macadamias

The Etamougah Pub

Inside the Pub



Ah - this is what we came for - a nice cold...

These beautiful jacarandas are all over the place and are just so...

Ever since we began this trip Ken has been on a quest to see the BIG everything. Well he has seen the BIG peanut, the BIG lobster, the BIG kangaroo, etc and today he got to realize another dream - the BIG pineapple!! This is a tourist park where you get to see how pineapples are grown with a little bit of info and fun thrown in. First of all we had to stop for the obligatory devonshire coffee in their cafe. Next was a ride on the little train. Ken heard their was a job going as a train driver so was very keen to find out what the job entailed and of course had to have a go in the drivers seat just to get the feel for it. It was a cute little train that took us through the property with a good bit of commentary thrown in giving us information on the process of growing pineapples. The train also took us through their orchard where there were many types of fruit growing - some we had heard of and some not.

Half way round we exited the train to have a look at the Wildlife sanctuary. Here we had the privilege of viewing of beautiful owl and again learned much about this gorgeous bird. We even got to stroke its silky soft feathers. Just beautiful!! Within this section we got talking to a young girl who was hand feeding a little joey. Apparently his Dad had pulled him out of Mum's pouch (cause she was not giving Dad the attention he wanted!!) and so the poor old joey ended up an orphan. So this young girl had taken on the job of rearing him. That was 10 months ago and she is still doing it. This entails feeding him 5 times a day and taking him home with her each night. She says it is exhausting having to wake up in the night to feed him but well worth the rewards. And she will have to continue doing it for quite a few months yet! I think she will be well and truly put off by having any kids of her own once she has reared this little one!

After checking out the cute koalas we then headed up to the farm yard section where there were goats, chooks, roosters, lamas, a pig, a donkey, mice, guinea pigs etc - all very cute. Back on the train again to finish the circuit back up to the cafe. After we had filled our tummies with lunch we then jumped on the nut mobile to be driven through the macadamia plantation with a stop off to crack and eat a few - yumm!

Oh and of course we checked out the big pineapple and climbed up to the top where there is a viewing platform.

All in all a lovely day out though I was a little disappointed as the whole park was looking and feeling a little tired. When I came here in 2000 it was in a lot better condition and there were a couple of other attractions that have now been closed down. It was a bit sad seeing it so tired looking but it would take a fair injection of money to get it looking back up to scratch again. I must admit though the animal sections were well looked after and after talking to some of the people who worked there I would say it was because of their dedication to the animals that this was so.

After we left here we were well in need of a coldie so stopped off at the Etamougah Pub on the way home. All in all a really lovely day. :)

Oh and Ken decided that whilst he loved the idea of driving the train, the job also included driving the nut mobile which he wasn't so keen so so will not be applying for the job - lol!!!

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