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Sweeping views of the west side of Kauai from Kukuiolono Park.

A zoom photo shows the Olokele sugar mill on the left and...

Salt Pond Park. Our reunion was held at the pavillion on the...

Very nice spot for a family reunion.

The reef at this beach makes a nice protected pool...

...where the kids can swim and have fun.

Another view of our reunion spot.

So much ono (delicious) food.



Three cousins with birthdays this month - Elena, Glenn, and Randall.

Nice cake for the "over the hill gang".

A couple other cakes like this made sure there was plenty for...

Linda, the senior cousin, had a very nice album with photos of...

Hummm, we might be coming back for a wedding before too long!

Uncle Johnny and Aunt Olivia - not the patriarchs of the family.

Elena's generation of cousins attending reunion.

Cousins and spouses.

Third generatio cousins attending the reunion.

All of the third and fourth generation attendees with their spouses.

Here's the whole gang except for a few taking photos and some...

(Ron Writing) On Thursday we checked out of Lawai Beach Resort moved into the Kalaheo Inn in Kalaheo. We went out for dinner at Da Imu Hut in Hanapepe. We both had the Hawaiian plate again.

On Friday it rained almost all day – very unusual for this side of the island at this time of the year. We spent the day at home.

Friday evening we went over to Randall’s house for a dinner and a get-together. Several of Elena’s relatives who are in town for the reunion were there and we had a nice dinner out in the front yard area.

Saturday morning we went to Kukioulono Park golf course for breakfast. The golf course club house and restaurant are on a high hill with great views of the south and west side of the island.

Saturday afternoon we went to the Francisco Family Reunion at Salt Pond Park. Randall had reserved the pavillion on the south end and they also set up a large awning beside the pavillion so we had a great place to gather out of the sun. The weather was beautiful. There was a good breeze and part of the time it was cloudy so it didn’t get too hot. We had way more food than needed and everything was delicious. This is a beautiful park and is used almost exclusively by the local people rather than the tourists. There is a high reef just off shore which protects a nice area of the sandy beach for swimming and is safe for even the little kids.

There were a few family members attending from the mainland, and other islands, but most of the attendees were right here from Kauai. This is Elena’s mother’s side of the family. Of her mother’s original 8 siblings there are only 2 who are still living, Uncle Johnnie and Aunt Olivia, and both were in attendance. Elena is one of 30 cousins from this “clan”. There were also several members of the next two generations in attendance along with many spouses. There were also a few attending from Elena's grandmother’s side of the family.

There are many good cooks in this large extended family and it’s an understatement to say that we had plenty of food. So we had a wonderful day of eating and visiting and many of the little kids enjoyed the beach and swimming in the ocean.

Just before dark everything was packed up and hauled over to Randall’s house where the party and eating continued early Sunday morning (2AM).

This morning we went to church in Kekaha. After church we went over to Randall’s house where about 20 or so of the relatives gathered to eat leftovers from the reunion yesterday and to visit and talk story. Had a very nice day there and didn’t leave until about 7PM.

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