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getting ready to go. With the time change, he was still only...

And a little pink helmet for Lisy, matching accessories are so important!

Like most of the tropics, the rain forest here was beautiful and...

These ATVs could go anywhere. Here's Marc stuck behind the slow German...

Lisy on the go, her ATV was still working at this point!

Can those sticks really hold my weight?

Lisy had no problem with the technical stuff!

We rode up to cloud level, and somehow Lisy stayed completely mud-free.

The very top of the mountain. Finally we found a place that...

A highly trained professional hard at work. We think he was cursing...

It's official! Marc is 32 years old today, although I don't think he looks a day over 25!!

In celebration of his birthday, we went on an ATV adventure up in the mountains. We had so much fun. The scenery was so lush and green, it was absolutely beautiful. Our trail ride was 40km and we climbed to the top of a 5,000ft mountain. Some parts were a little tricky, at least for me, as I almost tipped over sideways. Of course, the ATV's were mantained to the stricktest of Thai standards, which meant mine broke down completely and the brakes on Marc's barely worked. But we came out scratch free and had a great time! We continued the celerbation in the evening at a popular Chiang Mai restaurant. The restaurant is a meat lovers dream! A "cook your own steaks and all you can eat buffet," so of course I had to take Marc. We had a tasty dinner and overall great day!


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