2018 Winter travel blog

Today is travel day for us. We need to leave Phoenix North Metro RV Park and make a stop at RV Master Techs in Glendale to pick up our shade that we dropped off to get fixed. We arrive there and it only cost $28.00 to fix it and reinstall, about the most inexpensive work done on the motorhome. We departed there and drove to Bouse AZ to stay at Desert Pueblo RV Park for the night. We lost the cover for the hot water tank somewhere between Phoenix and Bouse. I am sure if we would have retraced our trip the 120 miles one way we would not have found it, looks like I need to purchase a new one.

Bouse (pronounced to rhyme with "house") was founded in 1908 as a mining camp, the economy of Bouse is now based on tourism, agriculture and retirees. The population is 996. An egg facility owned by Rose Acre Farms broke ground near Bouse on July 13, 2015. The facility was also planned to include a pullet farm, a rail spur from the Arizona and California Railroad and a feed mill operation. According to the president of the La Paz Economic Development Corporation, it is the biggest economic development project ever taken in the county. In early 2017, it was reported facility has hens and its first truckload of eggs was out. This to me would be off the grid, not much around but riding in the desert. Talking with the person next to us, he has been here since November 1, he likes to be out of the way. Not sure why any tourist would be here unless the retirees are counted as tourist. Didn’t even unhook the truck because there isn’t anything around.

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