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Adelaide stadium

A famous Melbourne footy man

West Coast Eagles fans celebrate the win

Our last evening in Adelaide, I explored the train station casino. As expected, it had rows of horrible slot machines.

I don't mind a simple video poker machine, but these are the obnoxious multi-line machines resembling video games.

I chose not to play.

I watched punters lose big at roulette and baccarat. I didn't quite understand baccarat so I asked a pit boss to explain it to me. I told him I played craps and poker at home. "We had a craps table," he said, "but we took it out. Not enough players. Australian gamblers aren't smart enough for craps."

I wandered around, then decided to find coffee. It cost me A$2 for a coffee from a machine. It was the only machine that got my money that night.

Mo was crestfallen when I told her I had not won enough to cover our trip costs.

Our flight to Melbourne was routine, though I had to once again listen to nonstop chatter from two fashionista types who were doing a critical and artistic review of gossip magazines.

In Melbourne I booked what turned out to be a homestay. Our hostess was a charming Chinese woman who lived on site. We shared the bathroom. She wanted cash, of course, for the stay. And our photos. She took at least half a dozen pictures of the three of us with her handy selfie stick. We understood it was for the guestbook, though I worried she had face recognition software in cahoots with the Chinese secret service.

In the city, we were feted by our friends Liz and Will. Home cooked food. A dinner party with friends.

And footy.

Australian rules football. It's a rough game played on a circle that could hold an American football game, a soccer match, and maybe a cheer competition at the same time. It's recommend you view videos on U-Tube for the rules.

We went to a match at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds, thanks to friends Will and Liz. We got first level general admission seats right behind the goal posts and the West Coast Eagles official Cheer Squad.

We loved it. Nonstop action. Athleticism. Tackling. Well dressed goal officials who signalled scores with precision waving of white flags.

A grand way to end our Australian adventures.

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