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The Fraser Island Crew

It is as I said a 'sand' island

A shipwreck

A closer look

Some more sand!

Me and a beach

Champagne pools

Some of the Crew in Lake McKenzie

Hey guys, back in Rainbow Beach now after 2 nights 'roughin it' on Fraser Isand. The Island was definitely made of sand but not quite as big as I'd been told, still had a 75 mile strip of beach road though.

It was a pretty cool trip, 11 of us set off in a 4WD with all the provisions we'd need for 3 days and 2 nights. The group was pretty good and we had fun although a pretty mixed bunch, 5 Isralies, 2 Dutch, 1 English, 1 German Swiss, a Lewis Lass and a Shetlander! I quite enjoyed my first time driving through sand! A bit like snow I suppose.

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