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Tides out as we leave Anchorage.

Our first views of Turnagain Arm.

Had no idea how massive this all is.

Train headed for Anchorage.

Second train headed south.

Beginning of awesome views.

Mountains, glaciers, mud deposits, ocean, WOW!

Just more mountains.

Finally the peninsula.

I think Gophie is excited.

Just more beautiful moutains.

Downtown Seward.

Stoney Brook Campground 6 miles outside of Seward.

Our campsite. We liked it better than the dirt sites along the...

Left Anchorage heading South. We only had a 120 miles to go so no hurry. What a change in just a few miles. Just out of the city we hit Turnagain Arm (BAY). We followed along side it for 3/4's of the trip. What views! The tide was out, and they warn people not to walk on the mud flats, they are like quicksand, really quite something to see.

Once on the peninsula, it was just one view after another. You wonder where the ocean could be in all those mountains. Then you drop into Seward.

We passed up Whitter, Ak. on the way to catch up with our travel friends. We intend on going there on the way out. There is only one way on and off this peninsula, if you exclude boats.

We are staying at Stoney Brook Campground, about six miles north of Seward. We went down and checked out the shore camping. Decided it was all dirt and confusion with people pulling in and out. There was plenty of dry camping and it would be fun to sit on the ocean and watch the boats and cruise ships. We preferred a wooded area along a rushing mountain stream to wake up to.

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