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Nha Trang beach



The Scrabble champion at work

Helene admiring the Vietnamese hot pot


Nha Trang


Our pool in Mui Ne - bliss!


Helene relaxing in the pool - she did not leave here for...

Only just too tall for a child's fare


A condom light fitting - I have never typed those words before

Roland with Captain Condom

Helene tickling Santa's fancy

relaxing in our suite in Bangkok

Bangkok by night from the 17th floor of the Peninsula

The happy travellers

Dear all,

Hope you’re well and enjoying your long sunny weekend and licking your chops from lots of lovely Easter eggs.

So the day has finally arrived for us to rejoin the real world…our wonderful trip is over and we fly home later today. We’re very sad it’s come to a close but we’ve had a truly amazing time and have lots of brilliant memories to last us a lifetime. We’re looking forward to seeing our nearest and dearest very soon - and we hear there’s some special occasion or other on Friday (quite apart from Eloise’s birthday)?...

Just to round up the blogs, here are our pics from Nha Trang and Mui Ne in Vietnam, and from our final couple of days in Bangkok.

You’ll notice there aren’t as many photos as usual – that’s because we didn’t actually do much in the way of sightseeing as Nha Trang and Mui Ne are both beach resorts, so we made the most of the sun’s belated appearance in Vietnam to do some lazy pool/ beachside chilling.

In Nha Trang we just about managed to get up from our loungers to do a boat trip where we enjoyed the snorkeling (even if I inadvertently managed to add to the colour of the underwater flora and fauna by mislaying my bright orange snorkel tube…) Thankfully, we were about the only nationality on the boat that got away with not having to ‘volunteer’ to sing a karaoke number with the accompanying band. Yep, it was that kind of boat…But Asians seem to love their karaoke and some were really going for it!

As you’d expect, we had excellent fresh seafood in both Nha Trang and Mui Ne, and also a particularly tasty Vietnamese DIY beef hot pot with loads of fresh veggies and herbs. And of course there was the pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup)…mmm.

In Mui Ne (a resort curiously favoured by hordes of Russian tourists which is a bit disorientating) we stayed in a pretty nice hotel with an amazing pool, courtesy of a muck up by Expedia (travel website) who’d given us a credit voucher when there was a problem with a previous problem. Frankly, they can mess up more often as far as we’re concerned!

And then, after celebrating our last long bus journey (a particularly hideous one where the air con packed up half way through) we had a final night in Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon) and said goodbye to Vietnam, where we’d really enjoyed our three weeks.

To finish up the trip, we had a couple of nights in Bangkok. We did some last-minute shopping, including at the sprawling weekend market which has some surprisingly trendy stalls selling cool clothes. I may have picked up a very nice pair of shoes…FOR WORK, obviously. It was probably a blessing for our wallets that we only got about an hour’s shopping in at the market before an almighty tropical thunder storm broke out – deafening thunder, amazing forked lightning and monsoon-like rain – enough to deter the most ardent of shoppers.

We had a rather different kind of dinner in Bangkok at a place called Cabbages and Condoms – it’s run by an NGO as a means to raise funds for various projects promoting safe sex. Some very inventive use of condoms as decorations – colourful lampshades and mannequins dressed in various outfits made of a rainbow of condoms, including a rubbery Santa Claus spreading the message…

For our very last night, we had an extra special treat staying at The Peninsula hotel (sorry Vanessa and Gerry!) which was wonderful (thanks again Eloise and Helen for the gift voucher which went towards our taste of how the other half lives). Our scruffy backpacks didn’t look at all out of place with the other guests’ Louis Vuitton matching luggage sets…

Despite a grim forecast of more thunderstorms yesterday, the sun gods were kind to us and we had a lovely day relaxing by the beautiful pool, before a fun night out a cool little restaurant in a bohemian part of town, near a scenic night flower market with scores of stalls selling marigolds and orchids.

Now we’re about to eke out the luxury experience with an afternoon tea at our hotel before snagging myself a last-minute Thai massage to put everything in the right place before being crammed into a seat for 12 hours.

And so now the time has come to say farewell, au revoir, auf wiedersehen etc - It’s been a blast! Thanks for keeping on following the blog - we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the different places we’ve visited and checking out our photos.

See you very soon,

Lots of love

Helene and Roland xxx

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