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The Rialto Tower, Melbourne

Up above the streets and houses...

Flinders Street Railway Station

The Yarra River

Sarah being stalked by a seagull (it had been tailing us all...

We had lunch at the Blue Train Cafe

The wierd building at the front is the Museum of Australian Art

Nice sculpture work

Let's get arty (1)

Let's get arty (2)

Let's get arty (3)

Inside looking out at the rainy/water wall

There was a bit of a convenient traffic jam when we arrived in Melbourne allowing us a couple of photos - which was nice. Next day we got the tram into the city and after a bit of shopping (gortex jackets for new zealand/south america) we had lunch by the river. This was really nice after a month of eating instant noodles. Then we went to the National Gallery of Victoria for a Carravagio exhibition (very cultured) and later on visited Sarah's old boss, Lloyd and family. They took us to a basketball game to watch the Bulleen Boomers which was a great way to finish off our stay in Oz. New Zealand tomorrow. Still very solid.

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