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Diane bein a fool

cool building at night

if you look closely you can see red lava glowing from Mt....

We were up early to catch a ferry back to Messina (on mainland Sicily) and then caught a train to Taormina. Taormina is so BEAUTIFUL. We got in to the train station and then had to take a bus up to the town. It's built up on a mountain top. Found the hostel after quite a long walk. Really cute place. Decided to go out for dinner that night. Stopped off at an internet cafe first.

It was halloween so some kids were dressed up wearing masks trying to scare people. I had called mom and they were setting off fire crackers in the background haha. You never could have been the mafia..I was in Sicily!

Ate dinner at a really cute little restaurant. We walked around downtown to check out the action. Not much going on. We stopped at a place for some gelato. They had a guy playing the piano and singing. The waiter came over to us and handed us a note that said in poor english, "Please to make a request for song?" Haha. They were so cute. SO we requested some Elton John.

Back at the hostel we played questions and answers with the 2 guys in our hostel room until really late into the night. One was from Australia and the other was fom England.

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