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Raglan's beach, surf hangout

Raglan's town centre

Backl at the camp in the sports hall...and attempting to master the...

I used to be pretty good at this, but seems my school...

Sonja not screaming at all!

Our gorgeous vegetable curry!

This girls cooking dinner for our driver Socks

Hmm, attempting to watch the sunset!

Our group!

Made a little gaggle of girly friends now...Sonia, Annalisa, Kay & Kirsty and we're having a great laugh together.

Raglan is England's equivalent of Newquay - surf central but thankfully not as developed - so lots of hot surfer dudes around!

Went for a wonder with everyone in the town centre, which takes all of 10 minutes but I got stuck in a Trade Aid store for a good hour buying yet more things I can't fit in my backpack! I even saw the exact same pottery set as the one I fell in love with in Vietnam! (Didn't buy that though!)

There was a funeral going on at the Fire Brigade station so the mood in town was pretty sombre.

Our girly group cooked ourselves (and our driver) a vegetable curry and it was just gorgeous! Turns out Kirsty is a chef!

Attempted to watch the sunset, but the sun was having none of it, and later when it was dark we all went searching for glo-worms...little green/blue dots that look like Christmas lights. Wasn't impressed! Turns out that the part that glows is actually their faeces!

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