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View of the High Sierra wilderness from Generals Highway.



Mostly clear and sunny today but we did have a few beautiful...

The other side of this sign says "Sequoia National Park".

A small grove of Giant Sequoia near the north end of Generals...

Even a big pickup truck looks like a toy next to these...

Standing in the center of three giants and looking straight up.


Elena with General Sherman.

Another view of the general - all 2.7 million pounds!

View of the general from another vantage point.

A few facts about the General Sherman tree.



The following several photos were taken along the 2 mile Congress Trail...






It's a beautiful sight to see the sun shining on the cinnamon...


The "President" and my first lady

"The Senate" a large cluster of sequoia - some not visible in...

"The House"

The "General McKinley" tree.

Today's critter photo.

Full moon peaking through thin clouds and between the tree tops when...

(Ron Writing) This morning we packed a lunch and headed south on Hwy 180 and continued south on Generals Highway to Sequoia National Park. We made a brief stop at the Lodgepole Visitor Center and then took the free park tram south to Giant Forest where the General Sherman Tree is located. It is the largest tree on earth and the largest living thing on earth. It’s in a grove of many very large sequoia trees clustered in a relatively small area. After visiting the General, we hiked the adjoining Congress Trail which took us past many beautiful sequoias of all shapes and sizes. One cluster is named “The Senate”, another “The House”. There were several other named trees along the trail.

We arrived back at out campsite around 5 PM and just as I was unlocking the door some guy came zipping through our campsite on a bicycle. It was John, our next door neighbor for several years before we sold our house to go full timing! He reads our journal and knew right where we were. He and Marie come up to this campground for a few days every year at this time. And this isn’t the first time we’ve been surprised to find them in the same campground. Four years ago, before we started full-timing we went up to Yosemite for a few days camping with my sister and brother-in-law. We were relaxing in our campsite one afternoon when we saw John and Marie ride past on bicycles! Neither of us knew that the other was on a camping trip to Yosemite!

This evening we attended the ranger program here at the campground. The talk and beautiful slideshow was about the wildflowers in Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. I was amazed how many of them are edible and part of the regular diet of the native Americans in this area.

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