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We had had a very enjoyable day with Heather’s cousin’s Jill and Nick on Monday 9 February but little did we know that that night our plans for the summer would change completely.

That night Heather experienced severe pains in her chest and stomach so we called an ambulance. At the A&E department they diagnosed it as gastritis and she was discharged. To put bluntly they got it wrong! Two days later she was admitted to hospital diagnosed with gall stones blocking her bile duct. After a week in hospital and an ERCP to unblock the bile duct she was discharged.

She is now on a low fat diet and awaiting an appointment to have her gall bladder removed in eight to twelve weeks time (cannot be any sooner as there needs to be a period of time for the body to recover from the acute episode).

Norway is now completely off the agenda this year. Told you we had done too much planning! Looks like some more touring of the UK will be the name of the game for a while.

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