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Gramma learning to operate a phone

Audra talking with her hands.





Dad, don't take my picture. I'm driving.

Amaya having fun

She loves this place

After picnic laughter.


Well Audra and Amaya arrived about 1:30AM and we were awake. Surprised? We are so happy to have them. We haven't seen any family in more than two months. Gave them the first day of their Redrock tour and they were impressed. All are amazed at the beauty of this area. We went back to Slide Rock and Amaya fell in, we assume by accident. She had a blast. A great picnic lunch followed by a family laugh at the Old Man running to be in the picture before the timer snapped it. Audra says I ran like an old man. What a surprise?

Aud and My still like Gramps's cooking so my ego has been treated.

Tomorrow is another day of adventure.

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