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Gophie had a feeling he had been here before.

Knik Arm from Earthquake park.

Cloudy day over Anchorage. 3 major mountains. Mt. Foraker - 17400 ft....

Mountain Views.

Downtown Anchorage. Knick Arm ahead.

Original Fourth Avenue sign.

Visitor Center. Looks small and rustic. The big modern one is behind...

Flowers that surrounded the visitior center.

Original engine in front of the train depot

Train Depot.

City park.

Eisenhower monument to Alaska's statehood.

Downtown streets were lined with baskets of flowers. These are the states...

Float plane dock at Lake Hood.

Occupied dock. 9 year waiting list to be assigned a dock. $100...

All you engineering people might know this office name.

Still not feeling real good we decided we had to see something here in Anchorage.

We went downtown to walk around. Downtown is very busy. Lots of gift shops, street vendors, restaurants and tourist. We took the Trolley ride around to get some history and the feel of Anchorage. Most of the downtown area was destroyed by the 1964 earthquake. 9.2 on the richter scale and lasted 3 minutes. Homes were washed out to sea and the downtown area was reshaped forever. We visited earthquake park where you could see pictures and walk the area that was damaged from the quake.

Lake Hood is part of the airport and is for float planes use only. Hundreds of small planes are in this area. The docks have a 9 year waiting list. Once you have a dock you pay the government $100. a month to use it.

We also took Gohpie to the airport. Some of you will remember a picture from the past when Gophie was kidnapped. It was fun to do... but not very smart since the sign is in the middle of a busy junction.

Anchorage is Alaska's largest city. It has over 1/3 of the states population.

We are excited to get feeling better and head down to the Peninsula.

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