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A barrel cactus in SW California

Barrel cactus ready to bloom

Fire Agate Mining at Opal Hill Mine

A fire agate we found before we chipped it out.

Our Fire Agate finds

The colors of a fire agate before it's polished

A polished Fire Agate

Into the boondocks southwest of Blythe found us mining again. This time for rare Fire Agates which we had never heard of but are so beautiful. They are very rare and only found in SW California, Arizona and Mexico. They were created over 2 million years ago during a volcano. We spent a couple of days chipping them out of the rocks as they are small veins that were created by the gasses from the volcano. I have included some photos but we don't even know what we have at this point as we have to take them to someone to have them evaluated. A good Fire Agate that is polished can bring $500.00 per carat. Even though it was hard work, it was lots of fun and they are so gorgeous. Most of the photos I am sending are ruff cut but the one that is polished is from a photo I got from the Internet. The fire agates look very similar to fire opals but the background color is brown rather than the blue/green of the fire opal.

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