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(Ron Writing) Yesterday we left Park Sierra and headed down Hwy 41 to Fresno to restock our pantry etc. We had planned to stay overnight in Fresno but it was so hot (about 101°) that we decided to just drive up toward King’s Canyon National Park. About 7:30 PM we pulled off in a boondocking area on National Forest Service property just outside the national park and spent the night there. There at around 4,000 feet the temp was about 78 when we arrived.

This morning we headed on up Hwy 180 to Kings Canyon National Park. Near the entrance of the park is the Grant Grove visitor center and lodge area and a couple campgrounds. We’ve stayed in the Azalea Campground on previous visits and really like this campground. Also, it’s a first-come, first-served campground so it’s generally possible to get a spot most mornings as some folks leave. We arrived about noon and found many suitable sites available. We selected a very nice site, got all settled-in, and spent most of the afternoon enjoying our new home site.

Later in the afternoon we hiked the short trail to the visitor center where we enjoyed a ranger presentation on owls and also watched a movie about Kings Canyon. We learned about the many kinds of owls living in this area and their habits. The ranger had photographs of several owls. The photographs demonstrated how perfectly most of these owls are able to blend in to their environment such that they are almost invisible.

Our campground is at 6,500 feet and the weather is gorgeous. It was in the mid 70’s today and there are still some patches of snow around the campground. It was sunny a beautiful all day – perfect for sitting outdoors and enjoying the beauty of this place. It’s nice to have wheels under our house so we can move to where the weather is more suitable. Yesterday it was back up around 100° in Fresno just 40 miles or so from here but down at less than 500’ elevation.

Kings Canyon is another huge park in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Most of the park is in the high country where there are no roads. But there are many trails and one can backpack for hundreds of miles and see some of the most spectacular scenery on earth. Back in the 1980’s I went on several one-week backpacking trips with my brother-in-law and nephews. We hiked through a very good sampling of this area and I have very fond memories of those trips.

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