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Pam and I met at Buckhorn RV Park in Kerrville, Texas a couple of years ago. Since we no longer see each other in the winter months we make a point of getting together in Michigan. Today I was invited to her farm in Charlotte ( couldn't make the invitation to her lake house in Tawas).

Pam drove me all over her old stomping grounds - the farm where she grew up and the other family farm where her sister and Mom still live. We decided to lunch in Marshall at Schuler's. Soup and 1/2 turkey sandwich was every bit as good as I remembered it to be.

I met with heavy rain on the way there and back but enjoyed pleasant weather during my visit. I was supposed to meet up with Colin, Spencer and Owen this evening but Colin had water issues in the basement of the restaurant ( happens every time there is heavy rain) so he stayed back to help clean up . He took a later bus so Spencer and I went to a little Italian street food place and then came home to watch the ballgame . Tigers beat the Yankees in extra innings!

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