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Norma, Colin and me

Norma and I had dinner last night and brunch today with Colin at The Monarch. I really should say that we had dinner with Colin because they were so slammed for brunch this morning that we hardly got to speak with him. The place was PACKED!

We met with lots of construction and traffic on our trip there. The ride home, however, was pleasant and uneventful - made it in exactly 4 hours.

Hotel rooms in Chicago have become insanely expensive. I have been going to visit Colin for 15 years and have always managed to get a room for $100 to $125. Not any more. But the biggest surprise was paying $65 for overnight valet parking.

It was a quick trip but fun nonetheless. Always wonderful to spend time with my son and he was thrilled to show Norma his restaurant. He tells me all the time how good it is to see friends from home.

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