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Our campsite, with Jerome behind us.

View from Mingus Mtn Picnic Area

Blue Agave

Hang Glider Launch Pad

Down you go!

The view from the campground



Abert's or Tassel Eared Squirrel

Don't know where they were going

The Palace Restaurant

The 1880's Brunswick Bar

Len had one of these once

I saw a lion's face in this window

Nicely displayed

Sporting his new hat...Looks good

Arizona's flag(s) flying in the town square

Enjoying his favorite dessert...Homemade ice cream, coconut white chocolate

Entrance to Watson Willow Lake

For birds, ducks, fishing & paddle boats only

Watson Willow Lake

We drove today, from Jerome over Mingus Mountain to Prescott. It is a 40+ mile drive. The Mingus Mountain has 20+ miles of curves and amazing views. We visited the Mingus Mountain Recreation Area including the campground, picnic area and the viewpoint vista. It was a little hazy due to the fire in nearby Payson, but it still made for amazing views out over the Verde Valley. It looked a lot like the Smokey Mountains and the mountains of West Virginia.

The campground is 3 miles of dirt road off the main road. We wouldn't take the rig, but can see ourselves tenting up here to enjoy the scenery.

What we didn't expect was the hang glider launch up here. Mingus Mountain is 7,800 feet high. Come to find out Mingus Mountains is considered one of the best hang glider and paraglider sites in the American West. Can't even imagine running off the end of the concrete pad on the mountainside. What a rush it must be though!

We made our way back down to the main road and continued our trip into Prescott for lunch. We enjoyed lunch at the historic restaurant, The Palace. Steve McQueen's movie, Junior Bonner was filmed here. In the late 1870's Wyatt Earp & brother, Virgil, along with Doc Holiday were patrons here. Lots of great memorabilia around to view. On July 14, 1900, The Palace was destroyed by the Whiskey Row fire. The ornately carved 1880s Brunswick Bar, which is still in use, was carried to safety across the street to the plaza by patrons where they continued to drink the night away. Hard core for sure! The Palace was rebuilt in 1901. It has been beautifully restored by the current owners and was a fun place to enjoy lunch. It was another great day of exploring and Living Our Dreams!

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