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Bangkok is a huge and crazy busy city. When I first got here I really surprised how people drive here as there are generally no lines on the road or people just flat out ignore them. Motorcycles and cars will drive so close and so fast that you almost always expect some kind of an accident, but for whatever reason it doesn't seem to happen. I even experienced Tuk Tuk's going in opposing lanes when traffic was blocked on one side just to save a minute in travel time.

I didn't end up seeing everything I wanted to in Bangkok at this point as I was planning my trip for when Christine was meeting up with me and we were planning on starting our trip in Chiang Mai. We planned to travel between Sep 25 and Oct 16 all over Thailand so I wanted to be prepared and I wanted to start booking things and making reservations. I did see a few of the big sites at this point in my trip of Bangkok and got to know one of the more touristy places in Bangkok called Khosan Road. This is probably one of the more expensive areas to stay but a lot of the main attractions are around here as well as markets and bars.

The pictures that I have of Bangkok can be found here.

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