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Nate and Sam in front of Cedar Point

Top Thrill Dragster and The Raptor at sunset

Sam and I could have sworn that the trip to Strongsville took seven hours when we did it in December. But we really must have been wrong. Rather than consult a map, we went on this assumption, left Charlottesville at noon, stopped to pick up our new mugs in Harrisonburg (we are both gifted coffee cup artists), then drove straight to Strongsville . . . and arrived after 9:00. Though I think they may have been pulling our legs to make us feel better, Dave and Michelle claimed to have had things to do and that's why they were eating dinner at 9:30, not because we were INCREDIBLY LATE! The dinner was phenomenal though - these two can whip up an awesome meal!

On Tuesday morning, Sam, The Other Nate and I got up reasonably early and jetted over to lovely Sandusky, Ohio (the setting for Tommy Boy, as I'm sure you're all aware) to visit the best amusement park in the world, Cedar Point. I can officially say that Cedar Point is the best amusement park in the world because there were signs in the park saying it was voted as such. I didn't ask, but I can only assume that the survey recipients had to answer a copious number of questions to ascertain that they had visited enough amusement parks in multiple regions of the world in order to have a well-rounded opinion before answering such a survey. What if there were really a better amusement park somewhere in Somalia, say? I hate to even imagine the possible PR fallout.

Any which way, Cedar Point does indeed rock. My brother Paul took the day off work and drove down to meet us and the four of us proceeded to walk multiple miles and have our bodies thrown, twisted and propelled in all sorts of ways that they should probably not be thrown, twisted and/or propelled. But, OH, is it worth it. Perhaps some of the exhiliration is due to the deaths of multiple brain cells as one's gray matter is slammed around inside one's skull, but it's really worth the corresponding reduction in IQ. I have no pictures of all of us in the park because a) I didn't want to carry my camera and try to hold on to it when on some crazy coaster and b) the little cameras that snap pictures while on the ride do not provide digital copies.

Highlights of the day include:

* 15 minute waits for The Raptor - those who know Cedar Point know that this is virtually unheard of.

* A couple of rides on the Millenium Force, which was the tallest roller coaster in the world until someone else beat that record.

* A ride on the new Top Thrill Dragster, which was the tallest roller coaster in the world until someone else beat that record. This ride deserves special mention: essentially you are shot from the loading platform and reach 120 mph in seconds, shoot straight up 400 some feet, arc a little at the top and plummet face first back down the aforementioned 400 feet. It lasts 17 seconds, but the line was about 2 hours. Fantastic.

* A magnificent sunset as witnessed upside down and sideways from the twisty, turny Max Air.

Man, that place rules.

We returned to Dave and Michelle's late in the evening, completely and totally spent! What a day!

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