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Lunch Time!!!


Laurie and I thrash them!!!

Mooloolaba Beach

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Really nice having family around again! Have been over to Laurie and Steve's for dinner, out with them for fish and chips and have had the pleasure of them popping in every now and then to say Hi. Really lovely! Spent a nice day with Trisha (my Aunt), her hubby Peter, my cousin Anthony and his girlfriend, and of course Laurie and Steve. We went to the tennis courts where we spent a few hours playing then enjoying a picnic lunch. It was a really nice day which we thoroughly enjoyed.

We then had quite a busy week with most of it spent on the computer applying for jobs - this is SO time consuming, it can really get to you after a while. We also spent a bit of time having a look around at the other caravan parks in the area as we are not at all happy in this one. Whilst it is perfectly located as far as the beach goes, it is unfortunately also very close to the local nightclub area - bit like camping in the middle of Northbridge. If it is not the drunken youths screaming and yelling at each other it is drag racing up and down the road. I have not had a decent night's sleep since I have been here.

Also checked out the local shopping centre - Sunshine Plaza. It is very big but the unique thing about it is it has a river running through the middle with paddle boats for hire! Pretty cool.

The other day we went for a walk on the beach and as we were walking I bumped into Fran - one of the teachers from Perth Waldorf School. It was so lovely seeing her and we could not get over the coincidence of being in the same place at the same time on the other side of Australia. She was with 2 other ladies to whom she introduced me and one of them (Sally) suggested I put my resume in with the Noosa Pengarri Steiner School as she thought one of the admin girls was taking some holidays. So on Tuesday we drove up there and handed in both mine and Ken's CV's. Wednesday morning I got a phone call to invite me in for an interview the next day and I started work on Friday!! It is doing Reception and working a 5 day fortnight for the rest of Term 4 - and I LOVE it. It is a truly beautiful school and I have been made to feel very welcome. I am convinced my guardian angel has been at work again.

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