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Approaching Sedona

View from street of our condo

Red Rock State Park

Didn't make a journal entry yesterday because I was pretty tired when the day ended and the day ended very late. We started out in the morning to come to Sedona (120 miles), check into the condo, stock the fridge, and get the lay of the land. Hit a tremendous amount of construction on our way in to Oak Creek Village. This road project has been underway for two years and has another year to go. It really slowed us down so we found an alternate route when it came time to return to Phoenix ( 120 miles) to pick up my sister Maria and her husband Vito at the airport. Their plane arrived 1/2 hour early and we were a bit late so we were grateful that they waited patiently and were still in good humor when we finally arrived.

Because we had done the trip earlier, we knew where we were going on the return trip to Sedona. I hate to find a new place in the dark. We got to the condo by 9pm and had some homemade vegetable soup that I prepared the day before. A little crusty bread and some desert along with a lot of catch up conversation made for an terrific evening. Everyone was tired so we went to bed at a decent hour.

Spent the better part of the night trying to regulate the thermostat. First we were frying at about 80 degrees and when we tried to adjust it we froze. The solution? Turn the darn thing off, pull up the covers and forget about it! That worked but no one really got a good night's sleep even though the beds are very comfortable. The condo is gorgeous and in a very convenient location. Will try to get some interior shots.

Today was a wonderful day:

This morning we had a lovely breakfast on the deck ( we are on the top floor) and planned our week. At 1pm we took off for some Arizona wineries in the Verde Valley. We hit four of them and out of all the wines we tasted we liked two. It was a glorious sunny day - the perfect temperature - and we had a lot of fun. Lunched at a tiny grill in Cornville ( on the back of the waitresses shirts it said - "Where the hell is Cornville?") Good question!

On the way home we stopped at Red Rock State Park. The scenery here is so beautiful! I could take a million pictures and never capture the grand vista. Stopped at the market for a few items and came home to a dinner of chicken piccata. After that it was time for cards. Always a great way to end a great day. I am sure that tonight everyone will get a good night's rest .

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