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Gorgeous scenery even when you're filling up with petrol!

Lord of The Rings scenery

Mount Doom


Up bright and early at 7am for a momouth bus journey to Auckland...all going well until we reach Taupo and I completely lost track of time of when I was supposed to be back at the bus so bless the driver (Spanky) she actually drove aruond the centre trying to find me! She found me (I'm 20 mins late at this stage) waiting for yet another memory card to burn to cd...(that's number 33 now) and let's just say she wasn't a happy bunny! Whoops.

All the drivers on Stray have nicknames - you expect the meaning of which to reveal some funny story, but very few do!

The bus had had enough after 9 hours so it decided to temprarily break down at the services (thankfully) and this Mauri driver from another bus came to see if he could help - very decent of him, they're a friendly lot over here...but after a 30 minute rest the bus was full of energy again and we made it to Auckland by 7pm! Not the most interesting of days!

Anyway, got to Auckland, which is a horrid, grey, concrete jungle, brought my flight forward to Fiji by 5 days (bring on the tan!) and ventured for a little exploratory walk where I found this awesome Asian food hall, god it made me miss Asia!

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