The Khoreys go to Europe 2005 travel blog

Everybody copies the Underground

I would die for a Pepsi

Near the Park in Iceland

Hard to tell but the white is fog

Woohoo baby i have arrived. Tonight i am on the internet in my hotel room woohoo, no more internet cafes for me.....

We are in iceland, it is raining, and it is cold man. I changed the blue lagoon swim to Wednesday in the hope that it might stop raining but alas, i think we will be swimming in the rain tomorrow as it looks wet until at least friday here and baby we will be long gone by Friday.

Today was a travel day, which are always a tough one. We have 3 BIG suitcases which all qualify for the HEAVY tag at the airport, a stroller, a car seat, the laptop, and our small overnight bag and when we arrived at Rejakiv (Sp) airport we found out they have no left luggage area since the 9/11 stuff, so we had to haul all of it on 2 busses and then up the STAIRS of this hotel in the rain. For one night. But we did it and going down the stairs tomorrow will be much easier.

I love europe cause the smallest hotel room in the world is still bound to have a king sized bed in it. I dont know if i can go back to the world of the full bed when i get home.

and how about this internet service in the room, i am so wowed by it that i dont even care that it is raining and cold and we have all this luggage. Tonight i am on the net in my pj;s.

Last night i sat up late, probably too late, drinking all of the instant coffee in our room, looking out the hotel window at the edgeware road and thinking about leaving london. i was sad. but today i got up, ready to go back to america, happy to get back to my friends and family and work and you know what, ole england said "dont let the door hit you in the a*&" when i nearly got run over by a bus, no lie. I am starting to feel like a cat running out of lives. :-)

I am off this typing to upload the bloody pictures finally.


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