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2019-04-18.Marksburg Castle and the Middle Rhine River, (aka ABC)

I had been looking forward to visiting Marksburg Castle and it did not disappoint. It was never conquered by any opposing force and there is a reason for that. Just getting up the sheer cliffs high atop the hills above Brauberg, Germany, would have tested even the strongest warrior and then, there were the various traps set for the unwary. Only a small force of men guarded this castle but this is where the villagers living below came to avoid invading armies. It is an imposing sight and so formidable looking that its cannons, that could shoot a half mile down to the Rhine below, were never fired except to welcome the king or pope or other visiting dignitary.

The day was spectacular with temperatures close to 77 degrees. In the afternoon, we cruised the middle Rhine river known for its castles which prompted our Australian friend, Cam, to remark that it was "ABC" or...another bloody castle! Each bend in the river was crowned by yet ABC in varying stages of repair from crumbling towers to pennanted turrets. If you want to see the German countryside, this is the way to do it; seated in a comfortable chair in the sunshine on the top deck of a river cruiser. Another new friend, Pat and I drank it all in while Bob and her husband, Bill, slept the afternoon away in the comfort of the stateroom. Of course, you can also lay in your bed with the curtains and door open and enjoy the lovely scenery and weather from there.

We have met tons of fun people from all over the US with a few Canadians and Aussies sprinkled in. Cam and Allison, from Australia, were daily companions especially in the evenings when the duet, Aquitoria, entertained in the lounge. And of course, when you pay extra for the booze package, you have to drink you money's worth...and we did!. Pat and Bill, from the San Francisco area, joined us most days as well. They were originally born and raised in our area and still return each year to visit friends and relatives.

We've also selected our favorite waiters; Bart and George. Bart always tells us what NOT to eat. The food is generally good but not great but the service is very good. Bob had meatloaf one evening that was really what we would call spam so....

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