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Our first day in Canada was a terrific one! The temperature was, at least, in the mid 20s. But I have rushed ahead.....

Our flight was a pretty full one. However, I scored a spare seat next to me thanks to a nice Jewish lady named Lisa. She usually travels business class but this time had to fly cattle class. She asked that if there were any spare seats, she have one of them beside her. As I took up the 3rd seat, we had the spare one between us. Lisa was a very interesting lady to talk to...her in-laws were Holocaust survivors who came to Australia and opened up Cafe Scheherazade in St Kilda and her husband is a professor at Vic Uni. We chatted quite a bit.

Anyway... the flight was as good as a 15 hour flight can be. I dozed a little bit and watched a couple of movies.

It was a smooth and easy exit off the plane and through customs and in less than half an hour we were on our way to our hotel.

Unfortunately, the room wasn’t ready but Cheryl and I were able to have a shower, change our clothes and leave our bags.

As per usual, we then stood forlornly on the corner, map in hand, trying to work out in which direction we should walk to get a bus ticket. A very nice girl asked if she could help and even escorted us there!

Tickets purchased, we then walked to the bus stop with only 3 people asking if we needed assistance. Then it was on the bus and off to Stanley Park which is huge and beautiful! We walked around for close on 3 hours - seeing squirrels, lots of plants, views of the water and lots and lots of people on bikes! It was then back on another bus to Canada Place.

Two cruise ships - one an enormous Princess Line ship - were moored at the dock so there were lots of people about.

In researching things to do in Vancouver, I came upon Fly Canada. This is a sort of flight simulator where you are strapped into a seat... the room then goes dark before scenes of Canada emerge in front of you as you ‘fly’ over them. It was fantastic! You really felt like you were soaring, diving and plummeting over some of the most magnificent scenery. My only complaint was that the time was too short. However, we were offered half price return tickets so have booked to go again on Sunday morning!

By now, we were very weary so, after checking out the activity we want to do tomorrow, made our way (another bus requiring more directions - they really are VERY helpful and friendly here) back to the hotel where our room was now available.

Time now to get organised for tomorrow and to go to bed! The weather forecast for tomorrow is 22 degrees so I am sure it will be another beautiful day

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