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The old house of the artist, now a gallery

One of the surrounding apartment blocks

Community garden

The copper tent in the royal park. Wooden building coated in copper...

Kristina was working this orning and Ella was off with a friend so Lars and I had a very long breakfast and lingered over the table talking about many things - family, politics, plans for future .......

We set off to visit the house of an old artist in an area between here, Jarfalla, and Stockholm but while we saw the house it was not open today so we couldn't see the art work. The house, along with a couple of others of the same era, is surrounded by high rise apartments. The artist refused to sell but was so impacted he stopped painting. Today one of the houses is a hand craft house, and has various activities including collecting and repairing old bikes for distribution to those in need. Adjoining the houses is a community garden where two groups were working and/or enjoying lunch in the sun.

Lars and I then went to a park close by. Many people again taking the chance to get out and enjoy the warm weather in this park which surrounds the residence of the Crown Princess and we ate here outdooors at the Copper Tent built in the 1780's as the residence of the guards; now Cafe and accommodation.

Early dinner at a new local restaurant in the French style and joined by Laila and Per as well as Eva and Henry for a lovely meal but so very rich. I had fish which was actually flounder, completely filleted -no turning over needed. We'd walked there and strolled home afterwards - warmth never experienced before in September.

Played an interesting game with Ella. Must find out what it is called but something that has been around here for many years.

Have suggested to Lars that I will stay Monday night at the airport hotel as I must be there at 8. Hadn't thought that through very well as Lars starts work very early. We'll see!

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