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Here's A Beautiful Photo Of The Wickaninnish InnI Found On The Internet

The Inn Is World-Famous, People Even Come In The Winter Months To...

As We Climbed Up From The Beach, I Noticed The Inn Provides...

The Front Of The Inn Doesn't Have The Greatest Curb Appeal

Though I Did Admire This Sculpture Just Inside The Carport

It's The INSIDE Of The Inn That Packs The WOW Punch!

After Admiring The Lobby (And Using The 'Facilities') We Returned To The...



Here’s some of what the Lonely Planet – Canada chapter British Columbia has to say about the Wickaninnish Inn:

“Wickaninnish Inn sits at one end of Chesterman Beach. Cornering the market in luxury winter-storm-watching packages, ‘the Wick’ is worth a stay any time of year.

Embodying nature with its recycled-wood furnishings, natural stone tiles and the ambience of a place grown rather than constructed, the sumptuous guest rooms have push-button gas fireplaces, two-person hot tubs and floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s one of BC’s most romantic hotels. “


For decades I’ve seen photos and read about the famous Wickaninnish Inn, and at last I had a chance to see it up close, but alas, not personal. For that, I think it would be best to actually stay there, and I’m toying with the idea of Anil and I celebrating our 45th Wedding Anniversary there in May 2019.

I had a laugh at ever-practical Adia when I suggested It would be perfect for our 50th anniversary. Right away she looked at me in that knowing way of hers and said “Why chance it?” Stay there next year!

We toyed with the idea of the whole family spending a weekend in Tofino together; I’d love to see Olivia and Moosie (Eric) on Chesterman Beach with Adia’s dog George.

We started our Chesterman morning walk at the south end of Chesterman and walked it’s full length, all the way to the north end where The Wick sits perched on a huge outcropping of rock. At the end of the beach, just before we reached the Inn, I noticed that someone had carved a large cross in the sand. I took a moment to snap a photo; it was Easter weekend after all, though the previous day was Good Friday.

We didn’t see any signs suggestion the grounds were off limits to non-guests, and in fact we did come across a dog-wash station and doggie towels at the edge of the sandy beach.

George hadn’t been in the water at all, as we had timed our visit to coincide with low tide, so we didn’t have to hose him down. We climbed up the pine-strewn pathway to the entrance of the Inn and when we saw that all was quiet inside, we went in so I could have a look at the spectacular lobby and check out the lunch menu posted near the restaurant entrance.

The staff weren’t at all bothered that we had George with us, and Adia and I both took the opportunity to use the restrooms. George waited patiently for us, but was happy to head back outside where the sniffing opportunities were much better.

It was a long walk back to where we had parked the car, but George was full of pep, and we enjoyed the people watching, as families and lots and lots of pets were beginning to pour onto the beach now that it was mid-morning. We had the beach almost all to ourselves because of our early start.


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