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theater tour

theater tour

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It's our sixth day at sea and while we are excited about being in Honolulu tomorrow, we are not the least bit bored. The days just fly by.

Ken's birthday was challenge for me. I wanted to do some fussing, but he doesn't really like fussing and whatever I did was hard to hide from someone you are in a small cabin with. I had brought a few supplies from home that have been traveling around Australia with us and those were supposed to be a surprise although they were in a suitcase we share. I brought an inflatable birthday cake which I took to breakfast in a bag and blew up while he was getting coffee. Many passers-by noticed it including the staff, who brought a muffin with a real candle to blow out to our table and sang enthusiastically. I had made a sign for our cabin door and when we got back from breakfast, there was another there as well from Royal Caribbean. Our cabin attendant made a magnificent cake out of towels and the card I brought had a pop-up cake. He had to wait for two May 1st's to go by, but it was a three cake day. We had a special Chef's Table dinner with six courses and wine parings. No one sang, which I think is just what he had in mind.

We went to a Cabin Crawl where we visited the cabins of people who had volunteered to share their unique spaces. Everyone loves to look at the suites, which few of us will ever have the wherewithal to book and our friends have a unique cabin with a virtual balcony, rather than a real one where you can go outside. Most of the rest of them were cabins much like ours.

Because we have been on Royal many times we have a somewhat elevated status onboard which means we were able to attend a special luncheon, tour the backstage of the theater and attend an extra ice show. And then there are all the enrichment speakers. It would feel like we are back in college if we went to them all.

When we left Australia it was autumn and as we have moved north and east we have sailed back into spring, especially noticeable after we crossed the equator. This was commemorated by a special ceremony onboard which involved kissing a fish and gettin smeared with spaghetti and salsa. Luckily a few token souls went through the honor on behalf of us all. Now the days are getting longer and when we sit down to dinner there is still light in the sky. The seas have been remarkably tranquil, but the sloshing of the water in the pools reminds us that we are still underway. It will be great to be on solid land for a few days.

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