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Two Flat Whites & a Hot Chocolate Please

Glacier Photo Op 1

Glacier Photo Op 2

Our Chopper

On the Mitre Peak

Waterfall at Milford Sound


Your co-pilot Yates Ghertner

Flying Back


Started the day with a great run along Lake Wakatipu. Really nice trail that takes you into the city and actually saw my first and only vehicle w a steering wheel on the left. Came back, rented bikes and took kids on a bike ride in the oppposite direction. Stopped for 2 flat whites and a got hot chocolate for Yates at a cool boat house/restaurant on the lake.

After that we headed to Helicopter Line and rode with Keith over to Milford Sound. Far and away, the highlight of the trip. Views were beautiful and landed on top of a glacier for a photo op. As for Milford sound, spectacular views and waterfalls. That being said, feel like you only needed 30 minutes not two hours. Plane ride back as breathtaking as the helicopter ride - especially cool since Yates was able to sit as copilot.

Stuck around in town and grabbed lunch/dinner at the Lone Star. Not great but not terrible either. Everyone was starving as the Mitre Peak boat did not have any food or drink.

If I had to do it again, I would have stayed at the Sofitel in town instead of the Rees. While the Rees is plenty nice and having a washer/dryer is quite convenient, being in town much easier as there are no restaurants and activities to choose from. Downtown feels very much like Whistler or Crested Butte.

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