Tom and Pam on a California tour Fall 2016 travel blog

Lonking down from the road on the way to Moonstone Beach

Pam at Moonstone Beach

Tom had to have a picture

Looking south from Patrick's Point State Park

Looking down from Patrick's Point

Waves hitting the "offshore rocks at Patrick's Point

Trinidad Beach at low tide

Engines tied to buoys - for sinking bodies? Tom studied them.

Trinidad Beach at high tide - compare the rocks

Trinidad Pier and west to Highway 101

After being kept inside on Friday we were anxious to get outside. So off we went to Moonstone Beach, Patrick’s Point State Park and the Prairie Creek portion of Redwood National Park. The National Park Service and the State of California jointly manage this park. The visitor centers are not as grandiose, roads are not very wide and the picnic and camping areas are blended into the surroundings. The natural beauty of the area is not “scarred” by cement and glass.

Moonstone Beach is just south of Trinidad and we drove a scenic route to get there. Tom had to get a photo of a beautiful view on the way so I got a photo of him getting the photo – not an example of safe photo taking. Moonstone was very pretty and not too busy. We got there just after the surfers were finishing up for the day. It was not surfing weather in my mind but I don’t live here and I’m not a surfer.

Our second stop was Patrick’s Point State Park, which is just north of Trinidad. The park sits on the edge of a cliff. There are plenty of trails and we did some hiking along the edge and then around some of the group areas. The park is very green with ferns, Sycamore trees, Redwoods and a lot of moss. We toured the campground to see if it was suitable for our trailer. It would have been a bit tight and Tom was glad that he did not have to run that obstacle course.

Prairie Creek has a huge elk gathering place. We were not there at a time when the elk were gathering but we did see two stragglers. Our big goal was to see Big Tree, which is big but not the biggest. Tom talked to some folks who have been living in their RV for 5 years after selling a small horse ranch near Tijeras, NM. It is a small world. Oh - we found another Banana Slug.

On the way back to Trinidad we made some stops at lagoons that are part of Humboldt Lagoon State Park. Paddle boarding and fishing are the popular activities at these lagoons. The lagoons are fresh water but can be “flooded” by seawater if the tide is really high during a storm. The calm of the lagoon with the waves of the sea just beyond is quite beautiful.

Once we got back to the trailer we did chores and just relaxed, waiting to watch the Dodgers and Cubs (the RV park has cable with lots of sports - not the norm). The Dodgers lost - enough said about that. One of the chores was washing clothes. We have a small portable clothes washer that does quite a nice job. We can’t wash much at a time but it reduces the pile up of dirty clothes and the need to plunk quarters in at a laundry. We don’t do sheets and towels but jeans and long sleeved shirts are very manageable. When we bought the washer at the start of our travel days one reviewer said that vinegar in the rinse water would act as a softener – it works!

On Sunday we stayed in Trinidad but that included going to the Trinidad beach, hiking a short trail up to a view of the bay from above and then wandering out on the pier. We met a young man on the beach who had brought his dog. The dog ran into the ways with so much joy and enthusiasm it was fun to watch. There are a lot of rocks in the water here that you don’t see at other beaches. We were there at low tide but went back at high tide to hear the waves. The sound of the ocean is so soothing and powerful at the same time.

Trinidad is a long journey from Santa Fe but I could stand a 2 week vacation here. If we had more time I would take my book and chair to the beach and just let the ocean seep in – maybe for a whole day or 5. Watching the waves break around the rocks and rolling up on the beach is so relaxing and I just seem to melt into the nature of the experience.

We are off the Santa Rosa, CA to visit Tom’s sisters - #2, #4 and #7 As the Martins say – Fun, fun.

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