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Rose Garden, Christchurch


Lots of amazing bird life

I forgot to move the map position yesterday so am catching up. This journal results in a little book for us after we are finished with our journey so we are trying to keep it as a way to chronicle some key areas like map location, number of steps in that day on the fitbit, and number of hours driving. In my ipad I'm keeping track of all the costs for the day. We want to see the difference in cost between cruises, guided tours, and "on your own"trips like this one. Each has benefits and negatives so we want to be clear about it. This tripjournal doesn't give you the ability to do spell check and the print is very small so there will be errors along the way in the text.....a disclaimer :)

We have been in New Zealand almost a week now. We have already changed our proposed itineary a lot. The advantage of getting hotels that have free cancellation is that you have that flexibility to adapt once you see the country in person. We don't believe we will want to return to Christchurch again - one visit was enough and we are glad to have had that one visit. We wouldn't want to drive Highway 1 to Dunedin again so we are changing driving routes to avoid that for the next two weeks. We really liked Dunedin and it is a place we would go back to again - lots to see and do in the area and a lot of hikes and coasts to explore. We are headed to Timaru today so that we can return the car in Christchurch on the morning of the 9th. Then we pick up another car that we are "repositioning" to Picton over four days. Repositioning means we pay 1 $1.00 a day to take the car to a location they want it to go to and you have to do it over four days. We were headed that way anyway so we will capitalize on that! Then we get another car in Picton to continue on. All for now.....

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