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September 8, 2015

Oh yes, we've arrived in Palermo, same mess to disembark the ferry, but now in the opposite direction.

After we left the port area, the navigation guided us somewhere in the slums of Palermo, with strange looking, dark Italian (I would say north African) people, wondering what a German car is doing in their neighborhood. Definitely not the kind of neighborhood I would book a night to stay. Than I found out, since I couldn't find the exact address before we left on holidays, I just pinpointed a position somewhere in Palermo. So after leaving the area and re-entered the right position, it brought us right to the hotel (B&B), however, seen from the outside, I would have thought we booked a place in a building which was set on fire. Another tour through the one-way streets of Palermo, brought us back to the same spot, no parking, thousands of Vespa's, cars parked all over and plenty traffic. This MUST be the place. And it was, but because of the display, the owner wasn't allowed by the municipality to show a bigger name plate to indicate his existence....

Fortunately, in the backstreet was a private parking garage, where I left my car overnight with the keys!!!! Next day I got my car back, after paying €25.- and left the garage by grinding my bumper along the concrete wall, I definitely need a much bigger car!!

Since we didn't want to stay more then one day, we cancelled the consecutive days in Palermo and drove to Cefalú....

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