Kat's Vacation to Guatemala and Nicaragua 2015 travel blog

Mi maestra Roxana

San Marcos old church

Cat peaking down from vendor stall

Flower/mural walkway

Unicorm mural

Dog on San Marcos lancha dock

Cat on lap at D'Noz dinner

Another good class with Roxana. She is a good and patient teacher. We went through indirect objects and estar versus ser exercises. Very helpful. 3 hours is just right for spanish lessons. My brain would be fried with any more. I love my open classroom floor on the mountain.

Our plan was to go to Santiago directly after class today. Santiago is probably the longest lancha ride of all the places we planned to visit while in San Pedro. The itinerary: Tuesday Santiago, Wednesday San Marcos, Thursday San Juan, Friday leave San Pedro to Panachajel with a stop in Solola. Or course plans change, and after class Mike had news for us that the car rental place was bringing the replacement car between 1 and 2pm (Guatemalan time). So the plan was changed to swap Tuesday and Wednesday visits because San Marcos is just across the lake.

I had to get some more money so I walked to the ATM by the dock, then meandered on through town. It was a beautiful day (as usual) and I enjoyed watching the people, browsing the vendors, and taking in the San Pedro views. The replacement car finally came and the paperwork was completed by 3:30. Amanda and Mike were going to drive the new car to San Marco but I declined the ride and took a lancha instead. Remember - no more car for me until we leave San Pedro for good. And even then I was wishing I could take the lancha across to Pana.

San Marcos is one of the smaller towns around the lake. There is one corridor with shops with holistic products and such. I took a different path off the boat which led me to the road where Amanda and Mike happened to be driving by. So Mike parked the car and we began investigating the town. At first we couldn't find the shop area until we took an interesting looking path toward the lake. The town is a place where people meditate and go for retreat it appears. There is a beautiful walkway with flowers overhead and murals on the wall. Very quiet and peaceful. We did not stay long but I did find a pharmacy with sana sana cream recommended by Erin for my rash. Prescriptions are not needed here in Guatemala and you can get just about any drug in a pharmacy over the counter. By the way - sana sana is harmless (like neosporin).

I returned to San Pedro via lancha while Amanda and Mike returned in the car. They didn't realize that the lanchas ran past 5pm and probably would have taken that avenue if they had known. Oh well. :)

When we all returned to San Pedro we walked out for dinner. Couldn't really find a place that we all liked and ended up at D'Noz for grilled fish. It was good but wierd - the texture was similar to chicken. Could have been chicken. We were joined at the table by the restaurant cat who took a liking to my lap. And to our leftovers of course. By the time we were finished it was time to head back to our rooms. Between the heat, the walking, and the early rise we were early to bed.

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