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Time to get on the boat! It is kind of strange to be leaving on a big ship after spending so much time diving and boating here. Before we depart, there is a super view of the icw and the boat traffic on it. Memories. She looks good still.

Every time we do this, I find myself critiquing every maneuver and patch of running rust, it is just maddening. Why can't I just ignore all this stuff? It isn't like I was a naval architect, but I can't stop thinking about righting moments and just how many staterooms can they stack on a hull before it gets to be a bad idea. And don't get me going on all the wide open public spaces! Poseidon Adventure, anyone?

Plus, what is that infernal vibration that makes all the liquid in glasses, and me, shake? Ok, sAK, I may be complaining, but that ain't right! Coast Guard boats don't even do that! I am thinking one of the props has a big old kink in it or the shaft is bent, but they just finished a ten day dockside...you don't suppose it would take more than ten days to fix it? If I read correctly, this has been going on for all of Nieuw Amsterdam's 5 year life. Why do I get the impression they said back to the drawing board after they launched this one? I cannot however, complain about the luxurious stateroom ...because the price was right. Not sure how we can ever go back to a closet size like last time, but we may have to if the destination is good and the bargain isn't...ah ha! So maybe it's the shake that got us the good deal!! Haha!!

As Princess cruise line was heading out of Port Everglades, we were entertained by the strains of The Love Boat coming from the ships horn....s. Of course everyone onboard our ship thought it hilarious as we are all older than dirt except for the qings. Now that's something recognizable to an ever dwindling number of consumers! Hey Capt. Steubing, l bet that old Love Boat doesn't shake like this one!!!𿘜

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