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We were on the move from York at 0845hrs having completed our third " traditional Yorkeshire breakfast". The first stop was Robin Hood Bay which we drove to in a steady rain that had the window screen wipers working the entire trip. The first impressions of this seaside resort was viewed with coffee from the Victoria Hotel overlooking the coastline and the main historic village below. A typed brief, written by our very pleasant waitress presented us with a potted history of the area ; it appears smuggling was a booming industry in its earlier days. We didn't depart the bay until we had strolled down into the village to witness it's quaint character and test the waters of the low tide. The school holidays have provided many tourists, a number in shorts and thongs unaware that it was wet and cold - this must be a British thing!

Our next stop was at Whitby Abbey, a derelict 13th century Abbey that dominates from cliff top height the Harbourside township. Controlled by trust, the site, which has had limited archeological survey done on it, offers an interesting story of church and community life over a very long period of time. The Cholmley family who had an overbearing influence on the Abbey and area for a number of generations have an interesting story of their own. Our visit also enabled us to access the southern side of Whitby township and the quaint shopping street at the base of the "199 Steps" leading from the Abbey.

To complete our visit to Whitby, we drove across the " Weak Bridge", parked and then walked the town's promenade to the lighthouses at the mouth of the River Esk. The fish and chip shops on the river were as prolific as pizza's in Rome, however, we were not inclined to dining and I settled for an ice cream.

Our final move for the day was a short 8 mile drove to our accommodation at Ellerby, a quite inland village where we are staying at the very pleasant " Ellerby Residential Country Inn". Kaye and Jan have just returned from a 10 minute walk of the village and have claimed to have walked every street in this tidy and well maintained town.

The late afternoon was spent by the fire relaxing and watching locals arrive for drinks and dinner.

As Ellerby is the last of the Yorkshire stopovers, we considered it fitting to have the "traditional roast with Yorkshire pudding" for dinner. We were not disappointed and thought the gravy the highlight of the dish. A very early night followed shortly after.

An observation I have made and need to reflect upon is the absence of comment on either our accent or nationality. I cannot recall hearing or saying the word Australia since our arrival - needs more thought!

Weather - wet until early afternoon - sunny for the remainder of the day. Jumper needed at all times.

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