it's off to Central America travel blog

an the tour begins



a small Cenote near the enrty (Cenote is a pool of water)

just about see El Castillo



Grupo de Las Mil Columnas (thousand Columns)



El Castillo The Castle)


Temple de los Guerreros (Temple of Warriors)

pit shows a much older site




head of snake or head of a Jaguar?


front of El Castillo 91 steps

Templo de los Jagueres ( Temple of the Jaguars)


Grn Juego de Pelota ( Great Ball Court)




craving showing the games

wall of heads

the winning capitains of the games lost there heads





the ball court






warrior losing his head






High Priests Grave


El Caracol ( the Observator)

the Nunnery







face with in a face





craving a Jaguar









the ring for the ball games





platform of sklls

Cenote of Sacrifice













making drums









one of the locals

want are looking at






I tried to get on line very slow internet and could only get it in the hotel lobby so had to wait on posting. Had breakfast with the hotel Manger Lucy and meet the other couple and she drives us to the other hotel both own by same man, this one has a entry to the park, we meet our guide and we are off to see El Castillo and the rest of the park. We have a guide for about two hours then I am off on my own to explore more of the ruins. Went to the entry hotel for lunch a great buffet with a couple beers had a coupon from Lucy for 20% off making it even nicer, watch some Mayan dancers while having lunch then back to the ruins for more exploring, finishing a great day I head back to my room for a swim and some rest before dinner of pulled pork. After dinner I head out to a local bar for a couple more beers before calling it a night. was a lot of walking today, As I have many pictures on here I have made two entry's

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