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Greetings from Kristiansand,

We are currently in Kristiansand, Norway. I believe we last wrote from Goteborg, Sweden, and we have covered some ground since then. We followed the coast of Sweden to the border with Norway. Sweden was wonderful. The terrain is very alpen, and there is water everywhere, with lakes bays and fjords at every turn of the road. The route was relatively easy to follow, traffic light and the people very accomodating. Sweden is generally considerd not really suitable for bicycle touring, but we found it to be wonderful.

Norway is similar, although the terain and the conditions are far more rugged. I thought I saw a flat section of road yesterday, but it turned out to be a mirage, as in heat mirage! A week ago it was raining sideways, and the last few days temps havew been in the 90,s! We swim in the fjords most days, which isn't quite as brave as it may sound as the water temp is in the mid-60's. Refreshing!

A high point of the trip has been our visit to Oslo. They have some wonderful museums of Polar exploration there, which is a particular interest of mine, and we visited the Homenkollen ski hill. There is a fabulous ski museum there, and we climbed to the top of the ski jump hill! No sliding down, but with the wind howling and the clouds swirling around one got a new appreciation for the feats of the world class jumpers! Wonderful! Frrom there we have followed the coast through Sandefjord, Arendale, to our rest day here in Kristiansand. Here we will attend to some minor bike repairs, then find a fjord to jump into.

All is well. We are both happy and healthy, although after 3 months over here we are both feeling a little bit of homesickness. We miss you all.

Our love and best wishes to all,

Ken & Liz

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