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The sand dunes of Mungo Brush


The beach was all to ourselves!!!

Sand as far as the eyes could see.

Rental cars....Oh Ya!!!

Guess what this buidling is in the background?

Pure Pleasure

Justine, Chris and wee Lucas

Queen Mary 2 in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Oz Part 2 –

This week we’ve been doing typical touristy things. The girls have been itching to see a kangaroo (a roo as they are affectionately known here). So, we had a couple of choices: to go up north a bit and see them (maybe) in the wild or to go to the Australian Reptile Park. We chose the latter. The park is a privately family owned business started in the 60’s. It receives no money from the Australian government. The park is home to reptiles, spiders (including the famous and deadly black-funnel spider), and many indigenous mammals such as koalas, wallabies, wombats etc. NOTE: the koala is a marsupial so we should not call it a koala bear! The park was fun – we scratched the belly of a wallaby, fed and touched roaming kangaroos, and handled a snake.

Another highlight this week was taking a road trip to the Mungo Brush Road. 25 years ago when Glenn was here with his Dad, they cycled along the Mungo Brush Trail and have fond memories from that time. So, we decided to see if we could find it again….we did. It is now known as the Mungo Brush Road as the trail that Glenn cycled down, was just dirt and gravel, is now paved. The best part is that the road runs parallel to the coast and you can access the vast dunes leading to the ocean. And, oh yeah, a little rally car driving was had in the rental car…see pictures 

We had our second trip into Sydney to retake our lost pics….lol…..we drove to Manly and took the ferry over. In the harbour, we saw the Queen Mary 2. Quite an impressive sight! We walked around Sydney and stopped at the Customs House where, inside we saw a detailed scale model of the city set into the floor under glass. Then we walked to China Town and had a picnic lunch in the gardens and then walked back to the Opera House to re-take our photos. We stopped for a quick drink before meeting up with Justine, Chris and Lucas (Karon’s cousin). Karon couldn’t resist having the drink “Pure Pleasure”….a $20 drink consisting of chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate with copious amounts of liquors and vodka…then we met Karon’s cousin and family in the Rocks for dinner.

Another good day!

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