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Wednesday we left Caddo Mills Texas after a big wind storm during the night. Thought we were in another tornado like the one at Hidden Lake. The drive to San Antonio Texas was not bad, the weather was good other then the wind on the first half of the drive.

We got into the KOA in San Antonio Texas around 3:00 pm and got everything

set up at the site. We decided to drive downtown and check the place out. Not very far from downtown, about 15 minutes and we were in the heart of San Antonio.

The Riverwalk was our place we wanted to see, so to the Riverwalk we went. Parking in downtown San Antonio is abundant, for $10 per slot where every you go and that is for 1 hour or all day. We got down to the Riverwalk and it was very crowded. We were on one side but didn't see anywhere I could cross over with my scooter so we just toured the one side. It is a very unique place to see, a river in a major downtown that is at the basement level of all the building. We saw what we wanted for the night and returned to the motorhome for the evening. Got kind of chilly during the night, got down to 45 degrees, ran the furnace. Thursday our day started at 10:00 am driving to the downtown area again and paying the parking fee. Our plan was to visit the Alamo, Riverwalk boat, and Marketplace. When we arrived Candy decided she would go down to Riverwalk and I would visit the Alamo. Candy when on the other side that we could not get to last night because of my scooter.

The Alamo was very interesting for me, so many people told me it was disappointing but I thought it was great. So great I kept going back every time we were downtown. I spent a couple of hours just looking at the displays and reading about the people that defended the Alamo. I left there and started looking for a way to get down to the Riverwalk where Candy was, I knew there had to be an elevator somewhere. Well, I found an elevator at the Hard Rock Cafe that got me down to the level I needed. Called Candy on the cell phone to find out where she was and would you know it, she was on the opposite end I was. We finally met up and had lunch at a Mexican place called Rio Rio Cantina, which was very good.

After the Riverwalk it was shopping time, so we drove over to the Marketplace which is just a bunch of vendors selling stuff. As you see the most interesting photo I got is here.

After that we call it a day after spending from 10:00 am till 5:30 pm downtown.

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