Calhoun Trip to Oshkosh By Gosh August 2011 travel blog

The Beauties of the Trip on Mackinaw Island

Lighthouse at Mackinaw Island

Downtown Mackinaw Island

Just one set of nice horse and buggies

Mackinaw City Lighthouse and suspension bridge

Yours truly looking quite spiffy on the bike

McGulpin Point Lighthouse

McGulpin Point Lighthouse

Backup lighting for the McGulpin Point Lighthouse

If there was any better weather to go to Mackinac Island, I doubt we could find it again. Mid-70's, clear skies, mild winds, nice boat ride, great lunch - we had it all. And thennnnnnnnnnn! The island is very unique. No motorized vehicles, plenty of bikes of all styles and I think people riding them who probably have not been on a bike for a while. Numerous 2 team horse drawn carriages, wagons and taxis dominate the streets. Check out the photos for some of the transportation modes. This is where the "carbon footprints" disappear. We have a strong, suggestive, specific request from sister Penny to find as many light houses as possible during our trip. We saw and photographed the 2 on Mackinaw Island, then we went looking for the 2 in Mackinaw City. We decided to do SOME biking to find the lighthouses and photo them. We thought we were prepared for this because we asked the KOA folks for directions, got a map showing the sites, asked several people during our ride including stopping cars on the street and we still ended up getting wrong directions and VERY lost looking for the McGulpin Point Lighthouse. We left the campground at 3:30 and got back to the campground about 7:00. We estimated we rode for over 10 miles, but by gosh we found them, AND IT WAS WORTH IT. Didn't realize this area had so many long up hill roads, as we found most of them. As it turns out the McGulpin Point Lighthouse is one of the nicest one's we have ever been seen and free admission. It was built in 1868, decommissioned in 1906, passed into private hands from 1913 thru 2008. In 2008 the local government purchased it from the Peppler family and since then have been turning the lighthouse back into how it existed when 1st built in the late 1800's. The light is shining again, powered by solar power. The locals are certainly on the way to recreating a magnificent lighthouse. On Friday we are on our way to Ludington, Michigan, and the ferry across Lake Michigan to Wisconsin rather than going up over the top of Michigan and come down into Wisconsin. The ride ain't cheap, but nothing is anymore. We'll stay in Ludington Friday night get on the Ferry early Saturday morning and onto Oshkosh. When we left WV on Sunday, it was getting dark about 8:30 PM. The last 2 nights in Mackinaw City, which is pretty far north, there was a lot of daylight all the way through 9:30 PM.

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